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Enjoyed doing the course & found the tutors to be very helpful and understanding. Would highly recommend this course to other students. Dion Marsh, October 2020 (South Australia Real Estate Licence course - Diploma)

I always do my CPD points with you as its quick and easy. Sandra Epstein, September 2020 (NSW Compulsory and Elective CPD - 6 hours)

The content provided was comprehensive enough to increase my knowledge and awareness surrounding the real estate industry. Steven Steven, September 2020 (NSW Compulsory CPD - 3 hours)

Information was readily available and easy to find. Pia Waldron, July 2020 (ACT Category 2 and 3 CPD - 12 points)

Thank you! I have been using Macdonald Education for several years and think you provide excellent service, fantastic support, an easy to use process that can be done anytime and all for an affordable cost. The content contained all the information I felt necessary and then some. I really enjoyed these courses because I always finish feeling I learnt more then I set out to. Sharon Norris, July 2020 (NSW Compulsory and Elective CPD - 6 hours)

This course is very designed and structured. Very easy to follow. - Amit Singh, May 2020 (NSW Real Estate Agent Licence for Business Agents)

Love how I can do it all online. - Emma Carr, May 2020 (NSW Elective and Compulsory CPD - 6 hours)

Glad I chose MacDonald Education for Real Estate Salesperson coursework. Hana and Kim were prompt to support the coursework. Discipline and managing of study hours plays a huge part to completing this course. Chee Gay Tay, April 2020 (ACT Salesperson course)

The content was easy to read and understand. Lisa Dib, March 2020 (QLD Real Estate Agent Licence)

Very easy to access and there was a substantial amount of information available.Georgia Vardas, February 2020 (NSW Elective CPD)

I highly recommend Macdonald education for Real Estate Lic course & CPD as the staff is very cooperative and further cpds are quite useful in daily routine work. Avmeesh Gill, February 2020 (NSW Individual Licence Module)

I recommend Macdonald Education for CPD courses as it was the best CPD I ever did. Sandeep Singh, February 2020 (NSW Individual Licence Module)

Easy to understand, easy to do as all explained Margaret Hackett, January 2020 (NSW Elective CPD)

I like being able to download doc and print it out to study, rather than others which are often all online and require a lot of scrolling to cross-reference! - Brian Seth, January 2020 (WA Elective CPD)

The assessors were very helpful. - Patrick Heenan, January 2020 (WA Elective CPD)

Very simple. I appreciate the quick feedback from your staff. It is also rewarding to receive your results so quickly. Well done! Peter Hansen, January 2020 (NSW Elective CPD)

Very smooth process. Online format allowed me to complete the work when my diary allowed which was perfect for me. Thanks :). - David Goudie, December 2019 (Elective NSW CPD)

As an older person who had not formally studied for many years, I found the process easy and the material (at times challenging) very appropriate for the course studied. My confidence has been given a real boost since completing the course and I look forward to continuing my CPD points with you in the future! - Narelle Dean, December 2019 (NSW Real Estate Agent Licence)

The CPPDSM4005A course was a very fun unit. Very useful information about conflict resolution and managing customers’ expectations. Melissa Willesee, December 2019 (Elective NSW CPD)

Online chat forum excellent. Very fast response times and friendly knowledgeable responses. - Michele Brett, December 2019 (Elective NSW CPD)

The College recognised that I had completed some of the overlapping units from the WAPM (Western Australia Property Management) course so I didn't need to redo these and they provided a partial refund. It was great that the college did this without me asking. I really appreciated it. Feedback was really prompt. I was quite happy with this. Jamie Marsh, November 2019 (WA Elective CPD)

I always do my CPD with you. Easy and quick and not expensive. Sandra Epstein, November 2019 (NSW Elective CPD)

Staff were always helpful and quick to get back to me with any answers to my questions. Harley Stibbard, November 2019 – NSW Real Estate Salesperson Course

It’s really efficient to undertake either online CPD course, I found all the information provided through online portal was extremely useful. Wei Luo, November 2019 (NSW Elective CPD)

Quick turn around and comments really great. Great course and very helpful and responsive staff. Trevor Robertson, October 2019 (NSW Real Estate Salesperson course)

Thank you for your quick response on every level. Much appreciated. Anita Lustig, October 2019 (NSW Elective CPD)

Cannot thankyou enough for the support and consequent boost to my confidence this study course has given me. As a senior learner confidence can be a bit shaky, but I was very happy with my comfort level during my course work.

Due to my age I was a bit apprehensive about taking on the challenge of learning, but I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of navigating resource information and ability to work through the different modules. Hana was fabulous as my base support and she never made me feel inadequate at some of my questions! Narelle Dean, October 2019 (NSW On-Site Residential Manager Licence)

Your efficiency at processing enrolments, providing materials and issuing testamurs is exceptional. Frances Simon, September 2019 (NSW Individual Licence Modules)

I always use Macdonald for my CPD training - they are very informative, easy to understand and the online process is very efficient. Warren Margetson, September 2019 (NSW Elective CPD)

The college is really helpful for my study. I would like to have a special thanks to all the staff who works in the college, without them I can't achieve my goal anytime soon. Thank You MacDonald education college for everything. Thanh Quach, September 2019 (NSW Real Estate Agent Licence course)

I have been using the NSW Real Estate Training College to obtain my required CPD points for the past ten years. I have always found the college staff very helpful and I am very appreciative of their service. Ronald Bower, September 2019 (NSW Elective CPD)

It was a great course, can’t complain! Ronin Matthews, September 2019 (NSW Real Estate Salesperson course)

I appreciate the way of teaching and learning. The provided resources were full of knowledge and amazing. Sohan Bhardwaj, September 2019 (NSW Real Estate Agents Licence course)

Excellent provider. Fast assignment marking. Great service. Kylie Pascoe, September 2019 (NSW Real Estate Salesperson course)

Course was comprehensive. All topics relevant and easy to understand. Could not fault at all. Benjamin Bidwell, September 2019 (NSW Business Agents Licence course)

All the content was very easy to access as everything is well laid out on the website. The content was perfect in helping me get my start in the real estate industry – covering all the necessary topics. There was always someone I could go to if I had questions. They were very friendly – especially Hana! Overall, a fantastic learning tool – I will continue to use for CPD points. Madeline Bickley, September 2019 (NSW Real Estate Salesperson course)

I have done a number of courses with Macdonald Education and always found them to be informative and easy to work with. I think one of the big advantages when doing a course with Macdonald Education is that when you need to speak with someone regarding an issue it is never a problem, they are prompt and efficient. - Jim Lund, September 2019 (NSW Business Agents Licence course)

By far the best training institute that I have ever studied or dealt with. I cannot fault anything! Ellie Bush, September 2019 (NSW Real Estate Agent Licence course)

Thanks for the knowledge guys, now it’s time to put all this knowledge into action. Anita Manias, September 2019 (NSW Real Estate Salesperson course)

A very professional institution providing knowledge and support to people working in the real estate industry. The enrolment was swiftly done enabling me to quickly complete the course in time to renew my Real Estate Agent licence. Kin Tong Chung, August 2019 (Elective CPD course)

The learning materials provided are very helpful for me to study and complete the assessments. The charge for the course is quite reasonable. Generally, I have a good learning experience with your College. Yuan Wen Zhao, August 2019 (Elective CPD course)

I found the experience to be really good and helpful to my overall knowledge base. I learnt a lot about the rent review process and details about other legislation re commercial leasing. Chantel James, August 2019 (Elective CPD course)

Would recommend Macdonald Education to anyone wishing to do a real estate course. I find Macdonald Education easy to navigate and the assistance is always top shelf. Vicki Williamson, July 2019 (NSW Real Estate Agent Licence course)

As always, I had great customer service from Hana when I enrolled and the assessment was graded the next day. I’ve been doing my courses through you guys for the last 3 years and will continue to do so. Robert Petkovski, July 2019 (Individual Licence Module CPD)

This company makes courses easier to understand. The resources that are provided are very thorough. The service is very prompt and the access to different courses is easy. Ashlee Downton, July 2019 (Elective CPD)

NSW Real Estate training is easy to access, provides great support through the chat line and reference material. This takes the stress out of completing assigned tasks that often need to be completed whilst other demands of equal importance prevail in the work environment. Shane McIntyre, June 2019 (Elective CPD)

The feedback was always extremely helpful and the staff thorough in their responses. Katy Roberts, June 2019 (Individual Licence Module CPD)

Excellent and efficient service. User friendly, easy to read and enjoyed the case studies. Steven Stucci, June 2019 (Elective CPD)

Having watched colleagues battle through the courses and websites of other online Real Estate training providers, I can confidently say NSW Real Estate Training College has a vastly superior product. As usual 10/10 for accessibility and ease of use, the assessor was easy to access, provided great support and quality feedback. The course content chosen inspired further reading on the subject matter and proved to be highly beneficial. Mark Gardner, May 2019

Everyone I dealt with when needing help was very helpful and lovely. It was never a burden to ask questions. Thank you for all your help and support. April Sutton, May 2019 (NSW Real Estate Agent Licence course)

Excellent training provider! Staff are very helpful and friendly when assistance is required. I would highly recommend this College to my peers for all Real Estate training. Jill Dalton, May 2019 (Elective CPD course)

Tracey Johnson has made this course a true joy. The whole communication process has been easy, with an excellent, timely, continual, straight to the point assistance, I am looking forward to continuing our fruitful working relationship. Sonya Hannah, April 2019 (Elective CPD course)

A timely and professional avenue for training in an ever-changing industry. I will certainly be back. Simon Campbell, April 2019 (Stock and Station Salesperson course)

NSW Real Estate Training College made it so easy to enrol. The course resource information was excellent and the online module is easy to use. Will be recommending NSW Real Estate Training College, thank you! Katie Andreopoulos, March 2019

Excellent support and advice with great feedback from the examiner. Sharjeel Siddiqui, March 2019 (Individual unit CPD)

Feedback was quick and helpful. Would recommend the course. Thomas Lin, March 2019 (NSW Business Agent Licence for Real Estate Agents)

I phoned through to get advice on registering and the customer service representative was very helpful and knowledgeable. Adler Ho, February 2019 (Elective CPD course)

I find the online attainment of CPD points both time flexible and cost effective. Staff very responsive – Bethany was very helpful. - Kevin Devlin, January 2019

The course was beneficial and pretty straight forward. - Peter Ryan, January 2019

I am happy with the overall service of the NSW Real Estate Training College through my course duration. - Asad Cheema, December 2018

I will definitely use the NSW Real Estate Training College again and have recommended you to my colleagues because there were multiple courses for Commercial Real Estate Agents, it was user friendly and reasonably priced. - Melanie Orr, November 2018

Overall, there is an abundance of information throughout the College website. - Alexios Alexiou, November 2018

The team at the real estate college are so helpful. I recommend anyone that wants to learn all things real estate to ring Tracey and the team.... - Jamie McKinnon, November 2018

It is always a pleasure to do a course through Macdonald Education. Keep up the good work. - Gary Cotterill, November 2018

I am very pleased to see The Real Estate Training courses reflect on skill sets vital in the Industry, to ensure vendors, buyers and governing agencies get a professional and transparent service at all times. - Christopher Baker, November 2018

Extremely helpful in every asset. - Rachal Broadbent, November 2018

I have used Macdonald Education for the past few years to complete my CPD requirements and continue to return due to the flexibility the online access provides me whilst working and the great customer service that they provide. Extremely helpful and professional and more importantly prompt with their responses. Michele Brett, October 2018

I enjoyed the flexibility to study at my own pace and no time restrictions as I am a business owner and single mum. Some weeks there is more time than others. This was a very stress-free way to complete my studies. - Nicole Wiffen, September 2018

The administration staff always available and helpful on the rare occasions I needed some clarification or assistance and the assessments always on point and clear and concise. Highly recommend this organisation at all levels. Thank you... Mike Parsons, July 2018

I am happy with the level of services that you provide & will continue to consult your services in the future. Peter Norton-Baker, July 2018

The courses are relevant and well laid out. If assistance is required, the response is prompt and friendly. - Shane McIntyre, July 2018

Your chatline is fantastic. They were patient and never made me feel foolish! - Nancie Lim, July 2018

It was a very good course and very helpful for my day to day work. Thank you! - Scott Butler, May 2018

Had a great time studying with you, will highly recommend your services from start to finish. Was great dealing with your staff, assignments were marked promptly and feedback was great. Thank you for everything. - Brett Tracey, May 2018

All things considered, this was a great experience and far more beneficial to me than the ‘sit in a room’ format that I participated in to get my original Real Estate certification. The ability to study at my own pace and at times that did not interfere with my job was most beneficial. The course materials proved to be quite comprehensive; very little external research was required to complete assessment tasks. Great assessors and the online chat/ support in real time is a great tool. Mark Gardner, May 2018

 It was a very good course and very helpful for my day to day work. Thank you! - Scott Butler, May 2018

Highly recommend the NSW Real Estate Training College. Information was so easy to access and understand. Assessments provided full coverage of course content and were enjoyable to complete. Excellent training. - Kylie Pascoe, April 2018

A good system, well delivered, it was well set out and easy to follow. - Grant Matterson, April 2018

I have undertaken 2 courses with Macdonald Education; I have found the enrolment process easy. Feedback for assessments is fantastic and also encouraging which is something a learner needs to keep them feeling inspired. I would happily study again with Macdonald Education for my next CPD course. - Faithe Skinner, March 2018

Seamless process throughout with excellent, fast turnaround of assignments and very helpful, responsive staff. - Daren Chan, February 2018

As the industry is continually changing, the courses are of great practical help to keep on course. - Chris Baker, January 2018

Very easy to access. I had one issue but it was solved within one hour! Very happy. - Hossain Mahmud, January 2018

I am very impressed that Macdonald Education were very helpful and able to provide answers to my questions and give feedback very quickly. Their customer service was fantastic, they went above and beyond my expectations such as saying what they were going to do, and they did it very quickly. - Niki Palmer, January 2018

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